imagine all the wonderful, kind, heroic & great deeds that have ever happened that were never told, shared or praised by men. does that make those deeds any less greater than those that have been made known? no. rather, it makes them even greater.


if history repeats itself, let us think back to times of prosperity. not only in our country, but throughout the entire course of human history.

it has become apparent that "spirituality" has become a prominent presence in our every day language. not to be confused with its unwanted counterpart, "religiousness". with its rigid rules of judgement & all.

more of us are giving credit to where it's due- freely & thankfully & truly lovingly. my very own life is my own unique testament of how we, all, equally are truly are able to be considered a holy temple for God our Father to reside. tasting heaven, God's power, as oppose to my own demise, desires and ego.

to which i will surrender to again & again. doubt on the heels of surrender every step of the way. surrendering my throne for one that is not only much greater, but pure & perfect. my pride is a small price to pay. there couldn't be a more empowering, freeing, & rewarding way to experience this very single life we've been given.

God is good.
God is great.
God is love.