killin' it


killin' it

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all proceeds from this purchase will go directly to the philadelphia travelers motorcycle club in philadelphia, pa.*

more than photographs, more than shirts.
we stand for art that is driven by purpose & vision.
art that moves & shakes. art that unites.
art that challenges us to seek truth.
it is by the power of community we are changing the world.

100% cotton
champion x original photography by susan nam
all images printed on the backside of garment

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*started 35 years ago in 1983 , the philadelphia travelers are the oldest organized motorcycle club in philadelphia. it boasts three chapters along the east coast: south carolina, georgia and philadelphia serving as its mother chapter. with their strict no guns & no drugs policy, the philadelphia travelers' focus on community has been bringing together the north philadelphia neighborhood for decades. they actively to use their resources and facilities to host annual parties for kids for halloween, christmas and easter holidays. as well as back to school drives, birthday parties and really any occasion that calls for celebration.