back to basics

decided to abandon the atrocious monstrosity that is social media. i’ve always been torn between accepting the current state of culture whilst not compromising my own beliefs and the integrity of my work. without going into the why’s and the what’s, which are endless, the bottom line is it never produced for me joy and also, luckily not a necessity for my line of work.

but alas, the longing to share remains. to share the work that i shoot, the words in my head & God’s love for us. & i don’t mean that exclusively to me. when we are sharing with one another in life, our time and resources- not over algorithm agendas but in actual real life, we are at our best.

so here i am. blogging is something i’ve always enjoyed. it was such a natural extension to journaling & diary writing ever since i could write. i hear crickets here, and i like that.

i’ve started the journey to publishing my first book: the north philly story. to anyone that has so trustingly been photographed by my camera will know this as old news. 100% of book sales/profits will go directly to fund our very much needed after school programs in north philly. this is not an act of goodwill but should be the right of way to the communities from which the art was created from.

i hope this to be a better avenue to keep a running catalog of current work, my inner monologue and the journey to a successfully published book. it is of the greatest privilege i get to photograph the family-like community that i am constantly welcomed by. in return my only hope is that their stories and images are regarded and shared in the most honest way possible.

@ bebop’s 50th birthday party, 61st and market street

@ bebop’s 50th birthday party, 61st and market street