love God, love others

with the end of july approaching, also came the end of another year of uber street summer camp.
spearheaded by pastor taehoo lee, and running through its 11th year, the camp takes place entirely outdoors on the 2100 block of n uber street for four weeks, M-F, weather permitting.

it is certainly an immense community labor of love from neighbors, parents, and volunteers alike to really nurture and love on and just be present with the children that attend the camp. an investment and commitment of time and energy to the ones that matter most, our babies.

there is a common misconception when it comes to serving others, that it’s this one way street, that “serving” becomes this wall of separation between ‘i’ and ‘you’. when in reality what occurs is an overwhelmingly equal exchange of love. we are not only in practice of giving love, but also receiving it. and what is love but God.

heaven is not a far away place in an afterlife.
heaven is here. heaven is now.